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Improve Facial Skin Problems

1. Prevent aging: This anti-wrinkle patch can help to lift and tighten the slack skin of the forehead and eyes around. Effect to relieve eye bags and eye lines. Prevent the appearance of forehead furrows, double chin, expression lines, and frown lines caused by repeated facial movement.

2. Effective softening of wrinkles: With the increase of age, the increase of wrinkles has gradually become one of the most painful problems for women. Whether it’s laughter, wrinkles in the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, or wrinkles caused by sleeping or aging, this anti-wrinkle patch softens and reduces them. Soft, comfortable, and stress-free!

Suit for All Types of Skin

Highly purified silicone contains no chemicals, is non-toxic, and is safe for the skin. Guaranteed not to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Return your skin to a more youthful appearance by softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Before and After

Comfortable, Safe, and Easy to Use

Translucent flexible patches will fit your curves perfectly and allow you to breathe normally. Only need to place the silicone patch on the eyes and forehead areas. You won’t realize you’re wearing anything. Simply wear it after a morning shower or overnight and watch your wrinkles melt away.

Silicone Patch Care

Follow our recommended tips & you will be able to reuse your patches up to 30 times.

1. Slowly peel patches off.

2. Rinse patches with warm water.

3. Apply mild soap to remove any oils or dry, dead skin.

4. Rinse again with warm water.

5. Allow to air dry.

6. Place patches sticky side down on the textured side of the backing card and place them in a resealable pouch.


Forehead, Frown Lines
Eyes, Puffiness, & Crows Feet
Neck & Tech Neck
Mouth & Smile Lines

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

If someone had told me I would look this different after 15 days I wouldn't have gone for it but I saw it with my own two eyes.

Perfect product!

This tightens the face and neck as it restores the skin. When the lines on my neck, forehead, and around my eyes started to even out I noticed that my skin appear tighter/firmer, almost like it did 10 years ago.

Rose McG
A great deal!

This was a great deal for me! I originally bought the products for my wrinkles but it also helped to reduce the appearance of a scar I've had since junior high.

Victoria M.
Eyes, neck & forehead

Excellent experience so far. I am in my late 20' s, and my wrinkles aren’t deep but I’m noticing a difference in my forehead and mouth wrinkles just after a few uses. Will definitely continue as a preventative aging treatment.

Carrie B.
Great product!

I could see improvement in facial lines after my first application. Love it.

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