Body Sculpting Massager

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The Only Deep Tissue Massager That Works!

Experience radiant, tight and toned skin with the therapeutic blend of vibration and deep tissue massage.

Sculpting your figure just got a whole lot easier. The buffer head rotates at an impressive 2400 rpms, sending soothing vibration waves penetrating deep tissue fats and gently spins, pampering and smoothing the surface of the skin.

  • Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat Deposits
  • No More Dull and Sagging Skin
  • No More Hiding Under Baggy Clothes
  • No More Painful Procedures or Surgeries



It reduces belly fat, toning muscles, improving digestion, and alleviating pain. It achieves this by breaking down fat cells, strengthening muscles, stimulating the digestive tract, and promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

With regular use, this massager proven to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing the appearance of stretch marks, loose skin, and saggy skin. The improved circulation helps to increase collagen production and improve the overall texture and tone of the skin.


It sends soothing vibration waves, and gently spins, pampering and smoothing the surface of the skin on the abdomen, love handles, arms, legs, butt and back.

Designed to focus on specific problem areas that may have been resistant to traditional weight loss methods. The targeted vibration technology helps tone and firm skin, improving the appearance of stubborn areas such as the hips, and buttocks.


It can improve your arm’s elasticity, reduce flabbiness, alleviate pain and stiffness, and boost overall arm health. It does so by stimulating collagen production, promoting fat cell breakdown, improving blood flow, and relaxing muscles.

The targeted vibration technology helps to soothe tired and sore muscles, making it an ideal tool for athletes or anyone who wants to improve their muscle recovery and alleviate discomfort.


It helps your legs by reducing cellulite, toning and firming muscles, improving circulation, and relieving muscle tension and soreness. It uses high-frequency vibration and rotation technology to impact fat cells, promote blood circulation, and accelerate fat movement.

Effective tool for achieving a more toned and tightened figure. The targeted vibration technology helps to stimulate the muscles and improve circulation, leading to improved muscle definition and a slimmer silhouette.


It also benefits your back by relieving pain and tension, improving posture, reducing back fat, and increasing flexibility and mobility.

Designed to improve circulation, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin and overall health. The vibration technology helps to increase blood flow and oxygenation, leading to improved cell function and skin appearance.

What Happy Customers Are Saying

“Been using the massager to my exercise routine and I started noticing changes within the first month. I can actually feel it working on my body! I couldn’t be happier with how my body is looking. I will definitely keep using it! Plus the meal plan is amazing!”


“After my second pregnancy I had some postpartum loose skin on my arms and lower belly that just wouldn’t go away. I’ve been using the massager for about 30 mins a day after working out and have seen an improvement. My skin also feels more tight and not as saggy.”


“My experience with the massager is beyond 5 stars. At first, I started going to the spa for massages and sculpting treatments but was costing me over $300 per session… with this and some exercise, I’m seeing great results from home and for way less!” 


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Customer Reviews

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Great item!

This hand held massager is easy to use and feels good. It's made to hold by hand and is shaped comfortably to do so. This is a plug in unit with a variable speed dial. It is easy to use. I've been using it on my abdomen and it's actually helped with some digestive pain I've been having.

Jessica Smith
I love it!

It feels amazing, and I can actually feel it working on my body! I use it after working out and it’s really helped me tighten some of the loose skin I had. It reminds me of the body sculpting massages you can get at the spas!

Cannot even be more happier with my purchase

I’ve been using it for just two months along with diet and exercise and have already noticed a huge difference in my body. It’s easy to use and my skin looks great. I would definitely recommend it.

Christopher N.
Excellent product

I purchased this as recently I have been getting sore after the gym. This acts sort of like a random orbital polisher in that the vibration action is coming from an off center rotational force that causes the pad to vibrate around. I find it much less harsh than the hard plastic vibratory massagers at the store and the soft padding along with the variable speed makes this easier to use and easier on the body.

The entire shopping experience has been AMAZING from start to finish.

Here are my results so far! Have used the VibroWave body sculpting massager for about 3 months now on my belly, legs and arms and the results have been incredible!I use it for 30-45 mins a day and feel the results after every use. It's helped me reduce all the areas I wanted to and my skin feels more tight too ❤️

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