Self Cleaning Hair Brush


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Keep the hairbrush clean all the time

Tired of the hassle of cleaning your old hairbrush? Get it ready in one click with our self-cleaning hairbrush. Standard hair brushes often trap hair, dried-up skin, and harmful bacteria, which can lead up to serious scalp problems over time. With our self-cleaning design, you can keep your hair bush clean with ease all the time. No more nasty bacterial buildups in the hairbrush, and your hair will become more healthy.

Keep your hair smooth & healthy

The soft and flexible bristles on the hair bush simulate a head massage to increase blood circulation. It helps reduce broken hair, tightens split ends, and reduces frizz. It will keep your hair smooth, shiny, and healthy.

How to use it

Simply press the button on the backside of the brush. In doing so, the bristles are fully retracted into the brush, making hair removal as easy as just swiping your hand over the surface.

Customer Reviews

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The parcel includes 1 comb for hair. Ordered in pink. The mechanism is simple, just press the button behind and the front panel leaves, it is convenient to clean the comb after use. Easy to wash under running water. The ergonomic handle conveniently lies in the hand, providing excellent sliding. Does not confuse hair. After use, the hair looks silky and shiny. Nice head massage. Fast shipping. The seller immediately sent the goods after placing an order.


I've always had dandruff and I found out one of the big contributing factors is not washing your hair brushes enough. I did my best to keep the brush always clean but it took about 2 hours to scrub off the grime and pull out all the stuff that clings to the bristle! I am so glad I found this brush! I just pull down the bristles and wipe it down with an alcohol swab, it takes 30 seconds.


I used to spend HOURS using tweezers to untangle pieces of hair from my brush. Also had to soak brushes in hot soapy water, use a comb to pull up the hair, then scrub the product off with a toothbrush. This saves me so much time.


I first saw this design in a retractable bristle cat hair brush like this. I was curious about it and ended up seeing this human one on Tiktok. For everyone that is lazy and hates cleaning this is THE hairbrush to get.


I got it for my sister as a gift. She has super long hair and absolutely loved it. I had to get my own now.

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